IBC Funding & Finances

The International Bible Camp has a simple and honest approach to finances. Please check out the three main ways in which IBC deals with donated finances.

Short Term Volunteers


National Teens and Staff

Equipments and Costs

The IBC assists Short term missionary volunteers in the following ways.

Once the short term missionary volunteer has submitted the IBC application form, has been approved and shows personal commitment by depositing the initial money required by IBC, he or she is given a personal link generated by the IBC which they can share with people from their local church, family & friends and ultimately anyone who they wish to inform about their missions trip. This link provides a way for other Christians to support and help these people get to their field by giving full disclosure of the doctrinal positions, intended purposes, and heart of the International Bible Camp. As support is earmarked and specified for individuals, the graph on their link reflects their progress.

IBC policies are as follows:

  • IBC does not raise money to cover any costs which are unassociated with IBC trips and ministries. 
  • IBC does not help raise support for “personal costs” associated with IBC volunteers. (missed time at work, rent, monthly payments etc.) 
  • The only money which is refundable is the initial commitment payment of 300 usd which is refundable to the volunteer if they fail for any reason to participate on the intended trip. 

* All donations and support sent to IBC is final. IBC does not refund money to any supporters. 

* Should funding for a particular volunteer prove to be insufficient, or should a particular volunteer fail to go on the trip for any reason, all supported funds will be dispersed towards the costs of other IBC volunteers participating on an IBC trip. 

* IBC only deals with funding raised through the IBC website. * IBC is not responsible for any funding not given through IBC website. 

The IBC assists National Teens and Volunteer Staff in the following ways.

IBC works through national pastors and congregations in each mission field that we operate in. These pastors and national Christians volunteer their time and their effort to provide us with interpreters, co-counselors, event staff, and much much more. Due to the burden they have for their national youth to experience these ministries, they do all of this for absolutely free. IBC uses donated funds in order to offset the costs of the expenses for these national volunteers as funding is available. IBC covers a very minimum allowance for each of these volunteers to have meals during IBC events at which they are volunteering. We also provide them with the transport costs to get them to and from the locations where IBC events are happening. 

Similarly, IBC does not charge national teens to participate in these events. Each year IBC raises funding which can sponsor these teens. Although there are many more teens which would love to participate, we limit these number of participants to directly reflect the total amount of donations given towards the involvement of national teens. It costs IBC an average of 20 usd per national teen who is included in each event. Every donation of 20 usd earmarked as "IBC teens" makes it possible to include one more child for the preaching, teaching, fun and games at each event. 

The IBC Covers running costs and equipment expenses in the following ways.

IBC running costs and operating expenses are primarily funded through Christian business men, private donations, and church offerings. We do not use any donations which have been specified towards any other designations to fund the ongoing costs for IBC to operate. The internal staff of IBC receives no salaries or financial retributions of any kind. We operate strictly on a volunteer basis. All donated funds to help running costs are much appreciated and are tax deductible. If you would like to help with the running costs of the IBC please do so by clicking the link below.