Statement of Faith


The following represent the fundamental Scriptural beliefs of this ministry. These statements are understood to be true by the co-founders of this ministry, the local area representatives, and by the general board of directors. This statement of faith is intended to act as an effort of transparency on our part to state the conclusions which have been derived upon a number of different topics. These conclusions have been come to by upholding certain values which are intended to protect the integrity of every word of scripture. Some of these values are 1) EVERY word of God is pure and correct 2) ALL of the w-o-r-d-s of the Bible are necessary and correct.3) The Bible is to be taken literally in its normal, grammatical context unless otherwise indicated in the scriptures themselves. 4) Any conclusion of one doctrine or verse which subsequently puts at jeopardy, undermines, or negates the integrity of another verse, portion of scripture, clear doctrine of scripture, or precept of scripture is a premature conclusion and therefore must be reconsidered until it can be understood in a way which does NOT negate any other portion of scripture. 

While these conclusions are held to be true by those within the internal structure of this ministry, agreement with these statements is NOT required by IBC in order to interact with us in other capacities not pertaining to the internal structure of this ministry. IBC believes in the Individual Soul Liberty/ Responsibility of every believer to “be fully persuaded” in their own minds.